Tyler Sheilds

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Tyler Shields is an American professional photographer in Los Angeles, California.
In 2010, Shields photographed actress Lindsay Lohan in studio portraits brandishing a gun. Shields also appeared to stage the “shooting” a partygoer with a gun that year at the release party for his book Collisions, as an appropriated piece of performance art en homage to the cans of Fluxus artist Piero Manzoni and in imitation of 70s Los Angeles performance artist John Duncan along with a student in the department of New Genres at UCLA in the 1990s (among others).
Shields was also criticized for a photoshoot with Glee star Heather Morris with a bruised eye as making light of abusive treatment of women. Shields later apologized after receiving death threats saying “if you are anti-domestic abuse spread the word about it. Threatening to kill me is not going to help anything.” Due to the controversy, Shields offered three photos from the shoot up for auction and donated the proceeds to “a top domestic violence charity”.