Jonas Feige

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Hauntingly beautiful photos taken by the German photographer Jonas Feige during his three months stay in the north of Ghana in a small village called Yamah.
In early 2009, Jonas travelled to Yamah, a small town in Ghana, for three three months, where he worked as a volunteer in an orphanage.
Ghana is fairly stable as a country, but most of the nothern region is still in the list of the least underdeveloped areas of west Africa. It’s riddled with disease and has a very weak health-care system.
In Yamah there is no running water or electricity, the next town with power is 17 miles away, most are stranded.
Children in Yamah are not accepted as integral parts of the community, often treated without respect by others and are usually left without parents of family because of sickness.
The orphanage in which Jonas worked for provides shelter for children, it’s called The Yamah Home for Children Project. They try to house and cater for as many children as possible, they want the orphanage to grow into an office school and someday even into and education centre for the entire region.