Peter Zurla

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I am 72 years old. Prostate cancer survivor. 3 year anniversary June 2012. Enough of the fun stuff. Born in New Jersey. Spent 30 years of my life in New York City. Had an off-off-off Broadway theater with my brother for a couple of years. Fantastic experience. Spent 50 years of my life on the east coast, thought I would try the west coast for another 50. Not one of my smarter moves. Left CA. and moved to Colorado Springs CO. My one comment here is “You can take the boy out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the boy.”

My interest and love of photography came out of a feeling of very low self esteem. I felt I couldn’t express myself with words so I turned to doing it visually. I can remember vividly what it felt like to watch a photo in the developer come alive. Magic. It was a feeling I had never had before. To be able to create from start to finish. WOW. Then as things often do, life intruded. Well… Here I am 40 years later minus the darkroom/film but loving the challenge of the digital world. The cameras, the software, etc. are the tools to be used to express my vision of the world and its inhabitants.

My dream is to have a picture hanging in the Museum of Modern Art. To be standing near the photo, just another observer, and hear, see, how I have affected someone emotionally, spiritually.

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