Carl Warner

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British photographer Carl Warner, is a favorite of advertisers in the food industry. Karl began his career with studies at art college, when it awoke a desire to become an illustrator. But later he realized that he brings a real pleasure to photograph. Carl works in London, and it builds up all the European agencies, the project photographer charmed Foodscape. Photoproject Charles Foodscape, praised it for the whole world. At first glance the image looks like a collection Foodscap painted landscape. However, if you look closely, you can see that the trees on some of the photos is nothing like broccoli, and the mountains are made of bread. In Foodscape all elements of the landscape to represent a certain fruit, vegetables and other foods. And it’s not painted the picture, but the real photos! Almost all the photographs taken from real food. Carl said: “I try to create a very traditional landscapes to convince the audience, if he sees at first glance, the usual pattern. When will people understand, from what is actually done my work, they are always smiling – and for me it’s the best reward. ”