Jordana Wright

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Jordana Wright is an independent photographer based in rural Illinois, in the United States. She and her husband run a portrait photography business, but she refuses to specialize or call herself a “this photographer” or a “that photographer”. She photographs everything that appeals to her – delicious food, Caribbean sunsets, urban architecture, people, empty Midwestern vistas, abstracts…

She is very lucky in that she loves her work and wakes up every day excited to find something new to shoot. When Jordana was a small child she lived in New York City, so she loves photographing cities from street level looking up – it reminds her of how small she used to feel staring at the tops of buildings on the way to school. She has been getting into urban photography more and more recently. Jordana’s husband, Cassius, is endlessly supportive and utilizes social media – mostly Google+ – to find new friends, photographers, and conversations about art and photographs – it’s like the artistic salons of our generation.

Having an online community of artists helps keep her photography fresh and exploratory. She loves to travel and secretly dreams of being a nomad, exploring the world through a camera. More of her work is available on her website and her blog.