Helen Sotiriadis

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Originally from Greece, Helen Sotiriadis spent her childhood years in America reading science fiction and sitting on the roof, peering at the stars. When she learned that she was too short to fit an astronaut suit, she returned to Athens and studied architecture to make the most of her skills in art and science. She didn’t fall in love with it, though, so she searched for ways to branch out into variations on the theme.

After years of design work, she eventually managed to combine her interest in computers, her flair for teaching and her need to be creative by using, and helping others learn to use, CAD, writing textbooks, and contributing to the Olympic Games in her own corner of expertise. A stay in Beijing in 2007 marked the beginning of an intense addiction to photography.

Her training in architecture helped her out when composing a shot. To learn more, she would take pictures, experiment, and learn new techniques every day, and every night she’d scour books and the internet for more ideas and information. Today, she is never without her camera, voraciously capturing her world. Her themes include architecture and landscapes, the night sky, portraits, fleeting glimpses of her day and surprising macros of everyday objects.

Her images and articles have been appeared in publications in the U.S., Germany, the U.K., China and Greece. Today, she is never without her camera, and she continues to share her enthusiasm with others, teaching photography and digital editing to anyone who has the patience to listen.