Alex Soh

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Alex Soh is a firm believer in the power of photography to communicate ideas and emotions. He desires to capture the wonders of nature that will compel people to worship its wonderful Creator. Formally trained in graphic design, Alex’s journey as a graphic designer started in 1995. He worked in an advertising firm, TV production house and thereafter in a design house. Later on, he set up his own design studio, providing one-stop service from photography to design and print. He was involved in numerous projects, from TV commercials to documentary production. His projects include Samsung, Power Gas, HP, AIA, Walls ice cream and more.

He has done many photo shoots for weddings and corporate clients covering products, pets, couples to models and CEOs. Today, he does mostly travel and fine art photography, concentrating on scenery to build a photo library for RBC Ministries (USA and International). Alex is a cofounder of THEREDTREE, which aims to use photographs as a medium to create public awareness, to raise funds for the needy, and to promote fine art photography in Singapore. He conducts talks to photographers on fine art photography to promote photographic exhibitions in the region. He also leads photographers into the field to do travel and wildlife photography.

Alex’es articles have been published in Nikon Focus magazine, Asian Geographic magazine and other foreign photography magazines. Alex is also one of the contributing photographers for the largest image bank in the world, Getty Images. His photographs showcase the beauty of nature in its wide array from the people to their environment. Alex is known for his passion in touching lives, both the audience and the friends he met along his journey. His fine art works are the loves of many collectors. Alex is a Nikon ambassador in Singapore. He is based in Singapore and is ready for assignment to anywhere in the world from docu-mentary to landscape and travel photography.