Jay Patel

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Seeds of his appreciation for beautiful places were planted early in Jay’s childhood on numerous trips, that he was fortunate enough to undertake, to some of the most breathtaking locations on the Indian subcontinent. Jay’s career in photography began in the summer of 2001 when he purchased his first digital SLR. In subsequent years, Jay spent much time reading photographic magazines and Internet articles and studying the styles of great landscape photographers. Jay have had no formal education or training in photography.

Jay loves to shoot landscape with a wide angle lens when sky and clouds overhead are painted by morning or evening light. Often time during these times he is faced with dynamic range of light those modern SLR cameras are unable to handle. To overcome this limitation Jay uses either graduated neutral density filters or to bracket the shot to combine in Photoshop. Jay uses manual blending technique titled iHDR (Intelligent HDR). This technique was developed by Varina Patel and Jay.* It uses Photoshop Layers and Mask to blend two or more images.

Unique thing about this approach is that it allows Jay to process the images with a “Natural Look” so that the image would appear to the viewer as if they were staring out of the window.