Fabrizio Quagliuso

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Fabrizio was born in Naples (Italy) in 1970. After graduating from university, he moved to the UK and currently lives in London. Self-taught, but also greatly influenced by an uncle who was a professional photographer, Fabrizio has always been passionate about visual arts, and photography in particular. For the past four years he has totally devoted himself to street photography, a passion that stemmed from his natural curiosity and his fondness for observing life unfolding around him and that came to bloom during his frequent stays in Japan.

As a street photographer, Fabrizio spends his time in the streets observing the people, listening to the pulse of the world and following its rhythm, seeking beauty also in imperfection, being always aware of textures and shapes, of what is revealed by the light and hidden in shadows and chasing those moments that may seem, at first glance, so ordinary that most of us would overlook them, yet which somehow encapsulate a undamental truth about the way we live our lives and interact with our world. He is fascinated by urban life; by its pure, elemental energy; by how the city and its inhabitants embrace each other like partners in a dance – naturally, gracefully, in perfect unison.

And these are the elements that he strives to capture in his photography. It is widely understood that photographs reveal something about the photographer who took them. This is particularly true of Fabrizio’s work. Not content to simply document the physical world around him, he invests each of his images with an expression of how its subject made him feel at the moment of capture. And it is this emotional connection that enables each photograph he creates to reveal the very essence of its subject.

Fabrizio’s photographs and writings have been featured on numerous photography magazines in UK, Italy, Japan and China, on prestigious online blogs and his “Shine on, Japan” work, a tribute to Japan after the tragic events of March 2011, has participated to various charity activities and has been selected to be exhibited twice in London in 2011. Most of the photographs featured here are from two of Fabrizio’s recent projects: “160yen” (A day on Tokyo Yamanote line) and “Shine on, Japan”.