Damien Grillat

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Damien lives in Nimes (Southern France), where he is a network engineer and amateur photographer for three years. Damien practices photography as a hobby (which takes him more and more time). He started with an ordinary digital camera to take pictures of anything and everything, probably to keep small pieces of his life as soon as possible. “I will not be the first nostalgic to engage in photography to leave behind him some traces of his passage…” – Damien said.

Subsequently, hobby has become passion, He bought his first DSLR (Nikon D3000) just before a big trip to Mauritius, to be sure he can make himself happy as he wished. Playing with the light becomes a revelation, Damien finally found a way of sharing that he missed, the way to share the beauty of the world (at least what touches him in his surroundings) in the best way. It’s a bit later, with Damien’s Nikon D7000, shooting in black and white essentially, that he fall in love with this art. Damien finally feels able to transcribe his vision as accurately as possible, playing with contrasts, shadows, textures and shapes. In short, Damien realizes that color affects him very little, this will influence the future of his work…