Aaron Sosa*

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Aaron Sosa (b. Caracas – Venezuela 1980) is a freelance photographer based in Panama City, Panama where he works serving international editorial and corporate clients. His work has been exhibited in over 80 gallery showings across Europe and Latin America. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards for his documentary work and has served as an ambassador of the arts throughout Latin America on speaking tours and through teaching University-level workshops, most notably with the Latin American Kaleidoscope Project.

In between assignments and travels, Sosa may be found roaming the streets with his Holga, up to his elbows in fixer in his darkroom or working with children’s NGOs to teach photography to disadvantaged youths in the slums of Caracas.

Photography by Aaron Sosa “Aaron Sosa’s

‘Daily Venezuela’ is a song sung to the idiosyncrasies of a country, its customs, its people, their daily challenges and their strength to prevail despite them all. His images show the context of a Latin American country comprised of different races, their roots and diverse indigenous cultures. It is a work Sosa comprised during his travels throughout all Venezuelan regions, spanning over more than 11 years, Sosa’s images are evidence of life, and evidence that Aaron Sosa does not escape it. Paradoxically, despite his trained eye, his images have the charm and freshness of someone unbeknownst to the rules of photography, who puts a camera to his eye for the first time only to capture in all of its brilliance what the world is saying to him.

Sosa does not only surprise. In turn, he is surprised himself; and that is what he believes also stems from him being a good traveler, being aware of and in tune with every small detail discovered at every new turn. As Antoine de Saint Exupery said in his famous book “The Little Prince”: ‘The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart.’ Indeed, Aaron Sosa sees with his heart, and in his project, ‘Daily Venezuela’ he has truly captured the heart of Venezulan and its people.” – Kelly Marti­nez.