Neil Kremer

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Neil has always been a fan of photography but didn’t pick up a camera until June of 2010. And he simply hasn’t put it down since. When not shooting, he studies new ways to process images and new ways to push his camera. For inspiration, Neil constantly looks toward the works of Sabastio Salgado, Margaret Bourke White and the countless other artists on the Internet today. As you will see HDR is his favorite form of photography but not for saturated colors or detail.

Neil uses HDR to capture all of the light his eyes captured, the light that simply can’t be captured with a single exposure. Neil always believed that he sees things slightly different than most. He could never find a way to articulate the way he sees the world until he found digital photography. Neil has only concentrated on Southern California so far. His goal is to photograph and show as much of the world through his eyes as he can afford to.