Brian Day

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His earliest inspiration to become a photographer was his father, who always had wonderful 35mm cameras, and often took candid photos (what we now call “street photography”). Also, growing up, Brian always remembers seeing photographs with the large block letters “ANSEL ADAMS”, in banks, stores, and other places his parents would take him, and he was fascinated by how dramatic they appeared.

Even though Brian doesn’t share Ansel’s interest in shooting mountains, his appreciation for Ansel’s work and for his technique was rekindled about 3 years ago. Brian spent much time trying to understand why Ansel’s techniques were so effective, and worked to translate that level of visual impact into Brian’s own images. Brian also developed a great appreciation for the legendary documentary and street photographers of the old days (and a few of the modern guys as well), which has informed his sense of working hard to create a visual story in a single frame.

Neither last or least, being born in Detroit and raised in the Metro area has given him much “material” to work with, and inspired him to create a conceptual series called “the Time Traveler.” As for accomplishments, his images have been published in several established print magazines, and Brian has had the privilege of showing his work in several Metro Detroit area galleries. Brian has also had the opportunity to work with several award winning musicians and others with his images.

These are things that he never anticipated happening when he picked up a camera 3 years ago; Brian is just very grateful to be able to enjoy photography. He hopes to continue learning and growing with his work, and time will tell the rest of the story.