Dino Morrow

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Having been born and raised on the east side of California’s San Francisco Bay Area, Dino was always immersed in the old world cultures of his extended family and neighbors. While most kids were running around playing, it was common to find Dino in one of the local elder’s home eating and listening to old stories of a land far away.

Years later and with college behind him, Dino set out to see and experience the world for himself and for the first time he had a camera. Dozens of countries later, with many thousands of photos made and 15 years of work in the mental health field, Dino found himself in search of combining all these wonderful experiences into one passion-driven career. Documentary/Ethno-Photography became a way of life for him.

Throughout Dino’s life, Hawai’ian practices and culture seemed everywhere with many “Aunties” and “Uncles” willing to guide him in the ways of old. So instilled in him, he found himself pulled to the Hawai’ian Islands to live. It is with this move that his focus and current projects were born. Based on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Dino is focused on projects that document Native Hawai’ian and “local” cultural practices throughout the island chain and beyond. His intention is simple… to respectfully document the intricate practices of values, art and spirituality that ultimately share a sense of place, connection and offering.

Each photograph is made with the ultimate purpose to provide the kupuna (elders) and kumus (teachers) with a visual aid to supplement their teachings as they perpetuate the Hawai’ian and local culture with the students of today and children of tomorrow.