Waseem Sayegh

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Waseem Sayegh is Palestinian, and was born and raised in Dubai. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts for some 10 years, and in Montreal, Quebec for four. He is currently living in Dubai awaiting his next move. Waseem doesn’t have a formal education in photography. As a matter of fact his education is as far as possible from the arts.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Northeastern University. He also has an MBA from McGill University. With all of these degrees and a great GPA, Waseem found a home for himself working for Google. When Waseem is not working hard, he is traveling. Travel is indeed his passion. With travel came his other passion photography. His travels took him to hundreds of cities and villages across the globe, and from those places he brings back to you his photos. As for his style of photography, you will notice that the human element is almost always portrayed in his photos.

To be able to capture this essential element, his choice of lens changes depending on the cultural definition of personal space. When he travels in Eastern countries, Waseem relies on his 50mm fixed lense. When he travels in Western countries, Waseem relies on his 70-200mm zoom lens. You’re in “Back Seat Tourism”. Let Waseem take you around and show you the great moments of his travels. This particular set is from his travels in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, France and Oman. Enjoy being in “Back Seat Tourism”.

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