Simon Evans

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Born and raised in Worcestershire, England, now living on North Island, New Zealand, Simon Evans aged 51 is a Senior Healthcare Manager. Much of his childhood years were spent on farms and roaming the countryside, and upon leaving school he worked for many years as a forest craftsman, filling his free time with outdoor country pursuits. He entered the Nursing profession aged 31, and has progressed through various roles to his current management position. His love of the countryside has remained throughout. A Christmas gift of a camera and textbooks from his wife Dawn introduced him to the world of digital photography and he set about capturing the beauty of the English Lake District.

Self-taught through reading and trial and error, he describes his development as “a work in progress”. He specialises in landscape photography, and has had work published in photographic magazines in both Europe and Australasia. He`s an active member of “Deviantart”, an online global community of photographers, artists and writers and believes the support, encouragement and advice he receives there has improved his photographic abilities greatly. Photographically besides Deviantart he draws inspiration in particular from the works of Galen Rowell, Charlie Waite, David Norton, Joe Cornish and Ansel Adams. Though he seeks to develop his own style rather than mimic the work of others.

Simon is fascinated with light, especially pre-dawn and sunrise, when the light play on the landscape is almost other worldly. Add a touch of atmospheric mist and you have his favourite conditions to photograph and are indeed becoming his trade mark shots. His tools of the trade following a recent upgrade are a Canon EOS 5D, Mark ll, Capture One 6, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Nik Color Efex and Nik Silver Efex Pro. His most used favourite accessory is a loud alarm clock! As early morning starts are essential for his photography, but a small price to pay for the results he achieves. His future plans include a blog page, a professional website and to provide opportunities to purchase his work.

He acknowledges that to break into the landscape photography market is difficult, but is happy to just be out there, at one with nature with his camera in his hands. For him it’s not just about the finished photograph, it’s the whole experience of being witness to a new day dawning, new hope and opportunities and making great memories of capturing the light. Simon is happy to respond to any enquiries regarding his work.