Vassilis Tangoulis

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Vassilis was born in a small Greek town –Karpenisi- surrounded by mountains and was really lucky to be a “village” boy. He had the opportunity to see sceneries that influenced his viewpoint and perspective and maybe unconsciously defined the absolute meanings of words like “sunset”, “snow”, and many others; all important ingredients of a landscape photographer. He left Karpenisi at the age of 11 and spent some 20 years in different towns and the last 10 years Vassilis lives in Patras, a beautiful town near the sea.

One day Vassilis just felt he had to buy a DSLR camera and started to shoot. Well maybe everything was prepared subconsciously and his profession, his childhood, the need for a way to express his inner world played their roles as catalysts to this mind function. After three months Vassilis knew he did not want street photography (maybe not too smart to catch the right moments, felt uncomfortable to shoot people) and it took him two more months to see that he will be a devoted landscape photographer. At the bottom line Vassilis wanted to be alone with the nature. He tried to take realistic photos but never felt satisfied. At that moment neutral density filters came to his life and a new surrealistic world –the world he always sees in his dreams- could be captured by his camera.

This discovery changed everything in Vassilis life and from that moment he gives all his creativity to elaborate his surrealistic view.