Denis Buchel

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Thirty-two years ago he was born in Moldova. After almost ten years in Israel, since 2009 Denis has been living in Bulgaria. He works as a photojournalist in a weekly newspaper. Denis started with photography in 2007, when he bought his first point and shoot camera.

At the beginning, Denis took photos as an amateur only. Step by step, photography started obsessing him. From time to time he thought he was going crazy, because only photography was in his mind – Denis woke up with thoughts about photography, he fell asleep with thoughts about photography, he could not even speak to people who were not occupied with photography. Now, when it turned into, if he can say it so, a way of life, Denis realized that photography let him understand what he is. Precisely “what” and not “who”, because when you ask “Who am I?”, you examine yourself only materially and superficially. And if you ask yourself “What am I?”, the answer is deeply philosophical, concentrated on your own consciousness, sensation and perceptions of human essence.

Most of all Denis likes taking pictures that show things from real life – photos with stories behind, with human presence. Through a photo only he tries to show the real Self of the person that stays in front of his camera, it does not matter if he is familiar or a complete stranger. Denis wants to take out what is deeply hidden under the simple physical cover – the body. However, Denis has enjoyed taking photos of dogs even more recently. In contrast with people, they do not either lie, or conceal mean thoughts.

Some of Denis photos have appeared in Moldova, Israel, Russia, China and Bulgaria. Whether black-and-white or coloured, they bring the uniqueness of feelings. This is really important for a photo – to make everyone stop and think for a second, to make them surpass the borders of their world and understand something beyond, something out of the ordinary daily routine. Whatever its exact image – depending on the exact situation or the exact mood – Photography is Life. As in life, a breath-taking capture happens in a second and photography has the power to make it eternal.
Dog`s Life…