Karin Székessy

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Szekessy, Karin (b. 1939), German photographer, brought up in England. She studied at the Institute of Photojournalism in Munich (1957-9), then worked for the magazine Kristall as a photo-reporter (1960-6). She went freelance in 1966 and established her own studio in 1974. She is most admired for her unique style of nude photography, which she took up in 1963 (Les Filles dans l’atelier, 1969). Using only daylight in dark interiors, long exposure times, or extreme wide-angle lenses, she carefully arranges her models in often surrealistic tableaux. Originally working in black-and-white, she later revived the old heliographic printing process. In the early 1970s Szekessy met her future husband, the artist Paul Wunderlich, who frequently used her photographs to spark his fantastic and erotic paintings, and in turn also inspired her work—a creative exchange which culminated in their collaborative book Correspondenzen/Transpositions (1977). She had also photographed a portrait series of fellow artists entitled Zeitgenossen (Contemporaries; 1962-7), and taught fashion photography at the Hamburg Werkkunstschule (1967-9). She has photographed Mediterranean landscapes, and in 1984-7 shot covers for a series of detective novels published by Ullstein.