Jocelyn Allen

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Jocelyn never knows what to say in biographies. Born in 1988 in Birmingham, she moved to a lovely town in Worcestershire at the age of seven – the same year in which she made a photography book. She harassed her family for a while until her interest in photography was temporarily replaced by sports for a few years. Then in high school, she put down the football boots and picked up a 1 megapixel camera. Eventually she upgraded to ‘better’ cameras and studied a BTEC in Photography, which was immediately followed by a BA in Photographic Art at the University of Wales, Newport. She graduated in 2010, harassed her family with more photographs and then moved to London where she lives and works currently.
In his collection, “One is not like the other”, Jocelyn explores the theme of identity by comparing themselves with their closest relatives. Draft British photographer, is currently exhibited at the festival photos in Guernsey.

One is not like the other…