Tom Hoops*

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Born in England in the early 70s, I am self taught and began shooting professionally in 2008. I split my time between Europe, Asia and America
Clients include: Vaseline, Martell, Segafredo, Travel+Leisure SEA, DT menswear, Felino, Kinnari, Tocco Tenero, Skin Deep, Readers Digest, TBWA, BBH, Sur La Terre, Vogue Italia talents, Lab Magazine,
My portrait work is also featured in a number of print and online publications worldwide.

Here is what others have to say.

‘A talented and extraordinary British photographer Tom Hoops. Unconventional subjects, heavy use of black and white and a magnetic dark mood in every image make Tom Hoops’ photographic style truly original and recognizable whatever genre he works in (including portraiture, fine art, photojournalism, fashion and commercial photography’