Omar Reda

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Lebanese photographer Omar Reda lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Now the photographer is working on his project, which tries to show the portraits of people of different nationalities. We offer a look at the first part of this photo project.
Omar Reda born in Tripoli in 1984, Lebanon. Graduated with honor in Graphic Design from Notre Dame University. He is a member of ISTD (International Society of Typographic Design – London).
After graduation in 2005, he started his career as a Graphic Designer in Y&R / Riyadh where he worked on Mobily which is one of the biggest accounts in the region, in addition to many other international clients like Land Rover, Jaguar, Activia etc. He then moved to Intermarkets where he was the Art Director / Team Leader for the largest banks account in Middle East (Al Rajhi Bank and Riyad Bank). In 2009 he joined as a Senior Art Director at TBWA\RAAD Jeddah. He is working on many clients including Green Farms, Almarai, GGI ITFC, ICIEC etc.

He has other passion than advertising like photography and designing digital wallpapers, which inspires him to experiment new different techniques in his upcoming works.