Donna Rosser

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Donna was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia and traveled up and down the east coast with her parents.  As a child Donna was happy to spend time with her Kodak Instamatic on family trips or just in the backyard at her home.  It was not until 2005 that she was encouraged to show her photography publicly.  The life-long love of photography is no accident; there is a photographer in her family.  Her grandfather was an avid photographer.  In the 1920’s, his early years in the Marine Corps, he took many photos of depicting his travels and military life.  In the 1930’s and beyond he took many photos of his children and other family members showing their everyday life.   Donna has possession of these treasures as well as his Kodak Hawkeye camera.

The Barefoot PhotographerⓇ: About Donna