John Crosley

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I started taking photographs as a student at Columbia College, Columbia University, N.Y.C., when I bought my first camera. I still publish a photo from my first roll of film which contained one genuine ‘keeper’ — a street photo that has endured and is posted on the Internet.
Within a year, I was hired by Associated Press as a photographer/writer and eventually became a World Service Photo Editor before moving on, but in the interim worked routinely with various Pulitzer Prize photography winners under legendary AP Photo chief Hal Buell.
I have not been actively involved in ‘selling’ my photos; I am not and never have been a professional photographer, but rather in the Latin sense an ‘amateur’ – which means a ‘lover’ of photography.
More recently, I have been pressed by various persons with great photographic credentials into seeking to have my work exhibited at the level of the highest museums and galleries, and was mentored by one ‘Lucie Award’ winner for six months last year on the art of exhibiting at the level of the highest class galleries and museums for which he makes world class prints for famed photographers.
He had won the ‘Lucie’ award for International Photo Printer of the Year and was printer to more famous photographers than I can name for exhibition in some world’s most famous museums, including the Louvre, , the Metropolitan Museum, the Getty, the Museum of Modern Art, etc., and he chose me for such personal attention.
I have traveled to over 71 countries, but have photographed in only a small fraction of those. I travel often and increasingly my photographic output has become greatly prolific. I almost always travel with two cameras and as many lenses, ready to take whatever scene attracts me.
Since I have never worked with ‘customers’ or for anybody but my own sensibilities, I have been free to follow my nose and develop my various differing photographic instincts as I have developed my latent talents.
I have been amazed by the fantastic following my work has developed. While I willingly will sell my work to others, and would only do so at exhibition quality, I am not in the business of photography and never really have been, but may soon change that.
In fact, Internet posting which has helped solidify my renewed interest in taking photographs by giving me a huge worldwide audience totalling tens of millions of viewers and high worldwide recognition. Kind thanks to all those who have viewed and commented on my photos here and elsewhere.
I now find my photos are viewed and discussed by aficionados around the world with numerous web references.
As my mentor, above, said, when entering this world ‘start at the top’ and ‘go for the Getty [museum in Los Angeles]‘ — ‘your work is too highly developed to start anywhere else.’ He spent six months trying to show me why, and that has helped make a believer of me.
I have recently completed a book draft of 100 pages with 200 photos for presentation to select galleries and museums; it awaits private printing and is not for general circulation.
I derive great enjoyment from this craft — this art. It thrills me to the bone to take and display what I think is a worthy photo. Special thanks to all my wonderful viewers and commenters.
Although I have achieved unexpected success in more than one ‘genre’ of photography, I believe I am strongest in ‘street’ and ‘documentary’, and collectively, that is my first love.