Donata Wenders

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Жена известного режиссера Вим Вендерса

As we go about our lives, at home, on the road or at work, just when we are wondering what to wear or absent-mindedly cleaning something or pensively gazing out the train window or humming in the shower, there are moments when the world that we were just so occupied with, suddenly fades. We enter a clearing whose boundaries we cannot see and where a different time prevails. Seconds become an eternity. Just as a scent can take us back to our childhood in a heartbeat, all of a sudden we sense again who we are, what the essence of our being is and what truly matters. At such moments, a long-lingering question may resurface, we are reminded of somebody we used to love very much and who we had long forgotten, a sudden worry flashes through our hearts, or we feel gently reminded to act finally upon something we intended to do for quite a while. It might even dawn on us that we’re being seen and loved unconditionally, just as we are. Our talents and tasks alike are now clear before our eyes. And before we know it, a car honks, a phone rings, we cross a street – and life goes on…