Giuseppe Grimaldi

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Giuseppe Grimaldi photographer from Lazio, Italy

I’m an amateur photographer living most of the time in Rome Italy.
I was born in Naples 50 years ago and the fact that I’ve spent my childhood and young age in Naples a very tough place to live, has made me develop a great interest for real life and street photography which forces me to be always attentive with what happens around me.
I also like taking nice landscape and cityscape images as well as natural scenes of wildlife whenever I have the opportunity.
I begun to seriously photograph as soon as I had enough money to buy me my first SLR back in 1981. It was a fully manual Yashica Fx3 with a 50mm lens. Since then there have been very few periods of my life I have not dedicated time to photography.
I switched fully to digital about 3 years ago but I still miss the great film days.