Ivan Pawluk

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I was born on July 16, 1979 in Obera, Misiones province, Argentina. I attended primary and secondary education at the Concordia Institute in the same city. In 2000 he traveled to the city of Rosario to start medical career. Getting securities intermediary and promoter of Health Epidemiologist Technician. In 2007 I graduated in medicine and now I have my degree in process. During my course I start taking photographs as a hobby and start to make inroads in PhotoShop, which arises in me as a true canvas on which I can pour my creativity, and not as a mere tool. In my beginnings, working with the gallery “Skin and Shadows” (which allowed to apply my knowledge on the subject), and using macros in it, I discovered a new personal technique where the result is only as valuable professional photographers view have had the opportunity to appreciate them in my various virtual galleries. Some of my most important exhibitions are “A Walk by the River”, “Community Palomo” “Paintings and drawings with coffee” and “Let’s surreal.”