Enzo Perrazziello

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I was born on December 4, 1973 in a small town in the Molise, Trivento: five thousand inhabitants, the wind blowing through the streets the streets, squares keeper stories inhabitants. The same area, where for several years, I dreamed about the idea of ??opening the photo studio with my friend Paul.
My approach to photography has always been attentive and curious audience, but thanks to conversations with Paul, I am. discovered that I could go on and the problem
I began to make their first shots at Trivento: my set was in the country, which are very close, and the girls I met, who improvised the “Model” on the same day.
Working with Paul was born with a small exhibition in the country and with the release of our album on the internet until we decided that we need a place to tidy up our shots and “tools of the trade.”
Nell ‘summer of 2009, thus was born the tracks photo, our photo studio located in the area of ??my dreams in a single Walker.
My work is mainly on people’s faces and, therefore, portraits. But also include other items such as ceremonies, landscapes and macro.
I will never stop to thank my wife Lucy, who accompanies me patiently as follows: She and my son Matthew, their smiles, their faces, they will always remain my favorite subjects.