Nick Rudnicki

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Nick Rudnicki lives in Canada. It works in the genre of commercial photography. Prior to the photographer’s career eight years working designer.

I have been shooting my whole life, it was love at first sight when I saw my first capture. When I saw that perfect frame, where light, subject, and background all gel into ideal harmony, that is what first drew me to photography.

Not that much has changed since then. What first started as the thrill of the hunt to CAPTURE the perfect frame, has now matured and evolved into making the perfect frame. Through planning, makeup, light, casting, location, and post production under my control, I can truly say that I MAKE gorgeous images. And that makes me all tingly inside and out.

Add to this the raw creative joy of collaborating with a client on a concept, of pulling ideas out of thin air and making them a reality, and you start to understand why I love this business.

With 8 years of design experience, and a lifetime of photographic and post processing skills to draw from, I can offer you that rare balance of technical proficiency, creative agility, and professionalism that is so sought after in the creative world.

I look forward to making some truly amazing images with you