Mehmet Akin

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I got interested in photography as an amateur photographer taking documentary photos of my city in the beginning of 1980s. My first cameras were:Topcon and Olympus OM-1. I started using digital cameras by 2000. Nowadays I use Nikon D 7000, Nikon D70s., Nikon Coolpix P3, Nikon Coolpix P5100. My style is explanatory and documentary photography. Due to my occupation, I’ve met with many people and witnessed a variety of events. All of these have increased my sympathy for people. In my photos, I try to reflect the thoughts, feelings and the world of socio-economically middle class after having talks with them. I’m careful to take their photos when they’re continuing their everyday life, in a natural behaviour. Besides, I am to document the handicrafts which are disappearing day by day due to modernization. I prefer black-white shots if the color factor is not essential.