Hilary Duffy

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This photo project tells us about the dangers and difficulties faced by homeless children in Central America. Across the region, thousands of abandoned children roam the streets ruled by drugs and poverty. They all ran away from dysfunctional families, poverty, neglect and cruelty of the relationship. To survive, they work on landfills by collecting pennies for scrap metal and other materials suitable for recycling. They are morally and physically degraded, spend the best years of his wandering life, which could be spent on education. They sleep side by side right on the sidewalks or hide in dirty sewers and basements. They wander the streets barefoot and try to survive by collecting alms, stealing and doing menial work for a pittance. Many of them are manipulated, coerced into sex, steal, or they end their days as part of any gang. The purpose of this collection of photos Hilary Duffy – to draw public attention to this problem by showing the reality faced by children living on the street.

Without home, without family, without future…