Alexandr Kharlamov

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I was born in Moscow, Russia in 1988. Now I’m living in Aveiro, Portugal.
Creating images counterweights my real life, I do it for my own amusement and satisfaction.
I’m “self taught” in photograhy, but I do had chairs of wave physics, applied optics, among studio paiting classes for 7 years which I attended on the spare hours, despite all the books that I’ve read on the matter.
Another driver of my life is music, I’ve attended the conservatory for 7 years studying piano witch made me addicted to music for life. I wish I had more spare time for practicing.
Last years I’ve been developing an hybrid process, which mixes medium format film photography and digital painting done on a tablet, I do all the developement, scanning and painting myself.
My fields of interest in photography are portrait photography, surrealism and photojournalism.
My professional fields of interest are logistics and supply chain management focused on risk management.