RJ Shaughnessy

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Los Angeles-based photographer RJ Shaughnessy is an expert at capturing moments of quiet, smooth serenity in the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced California environment.

A cursory glance at the RJ Shaughnessy portfolio leaves the viewer with deep impact—his versatility is evident as he moves effortlessly from celebrity editorials (his stunning collection of pictures of Odd Future) to his relaxing (and at times, sensual) photographs of his friends playing basketball in bikinis or enjoying the California sun while lying on the hood of a car.

Part of RJ Shaughnessy’s skill lies in his ability to manipulate lighting to accurately represent the mood of his photoshoots. His best photos come when he is shooting at twilight or in black and white. His photographs have the ability to make his pictures seem truly carefree and timeless.