Eric Mannaerts

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Born on October 8th, 1958 in Antwerp, Belgium
Graduated Civil Engineer in Brussels in 1982
Lived and taught mathematics in Casablanca from 1982 to 1984
Works in Industry since 1984 whilst photographing the world and its inhabitants…
Lived in Belgium from 1984 to 2007
Lived in Shanghai from 2007 to 2009
lives in Seoul since January 2010

2010  Exhibition “Shanghaiville” at Beaugeste gallery in Shanghai, China
Exhibition at Pingyao International Photography Festival, China
2009  Belle époque group exhibition at the Belgian Consulate of Shanghai with Maleonn, Zhang Yaxin, Christophe Demaitre
Exhibition “Un Voyage Marocain” at the First Photo Festival of Dali in Yunnan province, China
Exhibition “ShanghaiVille” at Kaiba, Shanghai, China
Exhibition “Un Voyage Marocain” at Beaugeste gallery in Shanghai, China

2004  Group exhibition at Les Tourelles, Le Crotoy, France with medium format pictures of Northern France seaside
2000  Exhibition “Ombres et Bords de Mer “ at Entrevue in Arles
Prix Jury Noir et Blanc illford with a night picture of Malecon in Cuba
Exhibition “A Week in the West” at the Art Center of Saint-John’s school in Waterloo
1998  Workshop with Guy Le Querrec (Magnum) in Arles
1997  Group exhibition “L’Ailleurs ici” in Arles
1996  Workshop with Xavier Lambours in Arles
1995  Workshop with Raymond Depardon (Magnum) in Arles
1994  Exhibition of Jazz Portraits with Live Performances of Fabrizzio Cassol and Steve Lacy at Gallery Apfelstrudel, Paris
Exhibition “Morocco revisited” at Gallery les Tourelles in Le Crotoy, France
1990  Group Exhibition of Jazz Portraits in FNAC Galleries in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Liege