Muzaffer Sutluoglu

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I was born in Rize,Pazar in 1950
I graduated from IDMMA,Galatasaray Engineering Technical Higher School as a Civil Engineer in 1976
I beame a member of IFSAK Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association in 1982
I became a member of KASK Kocaeli Amateur Artists Club in 1983.I was elected as the Vice Director of Board of Drectors.
I was appointed as the KASK Director in 1984.I continued his post uninterruptedly until the year of 1989.
I was given hte title of AFIAP (Artist of FIAP) by FIAP /Federation Internat?onale del’art Photograph?que Internatonal Federat?on of hte Art of Photography) in 1990.

I was given the title of EXCELLENCE FIAP EFIAP artist by f?ap in 1995.