Dominic Episcopo*

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Hailing from North Jersey, listening to U2, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones and The Clash, Dominic’s interest in the art of photography was sparked by his interest in music, most notably by the edgy imagery and raw visual reaction he had to shots in his favorite music magazines. Ironically, some of his early and most acclaimed work has been for pictures of musicians in some of the same magazines like Rolling Stone that had sparked his interest in photography in the first place.

Some photographers would have stayed true to only one interest and genre that they found success in, but what makes Dominic an even more unique photographer is the variety of his work, and his ability to stay true to a distinct style while shooting things that couldn’t be more different.

While some of the world’s greatest chefs consider food to be an art, photographer Dominic Episcopo takes this description quite literally in his own work. His series of food photography titled “Meat America” ​​displays American iconography with America’s favorite food-meat. Maps, famous figures and more are displayed in this series, in careful detail and not without a good sense of humor. Episcopo’s subjects are carefully sculpted, well-framed and decidedly narrative, reflecting part of American culture in each shot. The oil on the paper below the state of Louisiana is no mistake, representing the BP oil tragedy that befell the Gulf of Mexico in the Summer of 2010.

Series: Meat America…