Marlo Broekmans

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Born in Hoorn, Holland, 1953
Studied Pedagogy and Psychology, 1970-1977
Autodidact as a photographer since 1975 ; hitch-hiked to Greece with her first camera
First publication in “Reflections”, magazine from the Canon Gallery, Amsterdam, 1977
Worked together with Diana Blok from 1979 till 1981 and received worldwide recognition
Voyages to India and Nepal, 1978-1990
Taught at Rencontres d’Arles, International Photofestival ,1989
Publication book “Invisible Forces”, Bert Bakker, with Diana Blok, intr. Carol Whetstone, the Netherlands,1983,
reprinted 1985
Publication book “Marlo Broekmans- La Femme-Lumiere”, intr. Regis Durand, Stemmle-Verlag/ SDU,the
Netherlands/ Germany, 1989
Publication book “Les fleurs de Marlo”, Edizione Brucola, Italy, 2009
Publication book “Foz Favela”, Edition MarL’eau, Amsterdam, 2009