Joseph King

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Designer and artist Joseph King works out of Seattle, Washington as a creative director at Hornall Anderson while pursuing a number of his own creative interests. His main design interests lie in interactive, identity, print, film, and environmental and it was a combination of these things that make one of his more recent projects so interesting. It’s very trendy and almost becoming the norm for designers to present their print work in the format of two hands holding up their art on either side covering the body of the holder. This shows off the art and originally seems to have started as a new and inventive way to display it in a portfolio, of course now it appears everywhere. King put a smart and comical spin on the idea and created a format for the hands that can apply to anything; he created two stickers. This is great because it pokes innocent fun at the prevalence of this ‘alternative’ way to display work. Now you can show off anything your imagination desires, just like a trendy designer. Kings hands have caught on quick and can now be found from Seattle to Iceland.