Bechet Benjamin

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Bechet Benjamin takes a documentary approach to his photography. He often works as a reportage photographer for the press as well as for numerous NGOs, which allows him to satisfy his spirit as a citizen of the world. As well as commissions, he works on his personal projects that allow him to give rein to his artistic curiosity. In 2004 an investigation on Polish coal mines was projected for the opening night of the festival Visa Pour Image in Perpignan. In 2005 and in 2008 he directed two multimedia documentaries for Doctors without Border. He won the prize “Parole Photographique” in 2008. Benjamin is part of the collective “Odessa” with whom he published his first book “Pour Zarma, changer Babylone”, Filigranes. Benjamin currently lives in Marseille.
Superheroes and icons known throughout the world as marginal figures, undeclared workers, illegal immigrants!