Corrie White

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These images have caused a splash – they capture the moment when a tiny droplet of milk hits water. Photographer Corrie White from Ontario, Canada, spends hours firing the coloured droplets at the water from a pipette suspended 12 inches.
Corrie, 61, uses milk because it falls more slowly than water, giving her more time to get a snap of that perfect moment. Both the milk and the water in which it lands are tinted with food colouring to give the spectacular effect.
Corrie said she uses one external flash which and sets the flash exposure compensation to a very low power. She said she sets the camera to a low aperture to achieve the depth of field in the pictures. She sets her camera on a five second timer and then releases the droplet. She added: “I have a good sense of timing but sometimes the drop happens so fast that I miss it. Milliseconds make the difference. My success rate is about one out of every 25 attempts on average”