Rashad Alakbarov

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Artist of the Rashad Alakbarov creates incredible paintings, using light and shade.
It would seem, is nothing new in art is no longer possible to think, and certainly not surprising, but the masters of chiaroscuro can not simply surprise and amaze the viewer.
Each picture Alakbarova Rashad has his own story, describing the event taken separately from his life.
According to critics, used in the work of Rashad trash like no other emphasizes the tragedy and told them emotional stories in which a lot of joy, pain, sorrow, happiness and loneliness.
Today, few dare to work with light and shadow, as the main tool in this work is not a brush with paint, and imagination, which deprived the majority of contemporary artists. That’s why Rashad Alakbarova can safely counted among the creators of a small galaxy, which can create a finished product with the shadows cast by track objects.