Marnix Goossens

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Marnix Goossens born Leeuwarden 1967.

Education: 1999 – 2000 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam, 1993 – 1996, Academy of Arts, Utrecht, 1999 – 2000 Royal Academy, Ateliers, Arnhem.

Exhibitions: 2008 ‘The Unwanted Self’, University of Brighton, 2007, ‘Binnenstebuiten’, FOAM, Amsterdam, 2006 ‘Diep Licht’, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, 2004 ‘Supernatural’ Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, 2003 ‘Section One’, Fotomuseum, Den Haag 2003 Solo, ‘The world is not enough’, Aschenbach & Hofland, Amsterdam, 2003 ‘LINK, Stedelijk Museum gemeentelijke aankopen, 2002 ‘Statement’, Paris Photo, Parijs.

Collection: AKZO Nobel, ABN AMRO, AMC, Caldic Collectie, Fries Museum, Haags Gemeenste Museum, KPN, Oce van Grinten, Stedelijk Museum.

Assignments: Avenue, Carp, Dazed & Confused, Gemeente Almere, Gemeente Osdorp, Items, Novib, Planet Internet, Rails, Volkskrant Magazine, Wallpaper.

As a photographer Marnix Goossens hovers between fact and fiction and between the natural and the artificial. He is always looking for subtle ways to express his own alienation from reality. In some cases, he will run in to scenes of this kind by chance. But, if he doesn’t find what he’s looking for, he will simply stage it. These differing concepts – the happenstance and the artificial – blend easily. Goossens has an absurdist, humorous view of the world. Somehow he always seems to come up with something at once trivial and surprisingly beautiful, which ultimately seems to transcend itself by magnifying to monumental proportions.

Super Natural…