Hans van der Meer

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Hans van der Meer born Leimuiden 1955.

Education: 1983 – 1986 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam, 1973 – 1976 MTS Photography, The Hague.

Exhibitions: 2008 ‘The Landscape of Lower League Football’, Brancolinigrimaldi, Florence, 2007 ‘The Landscape of Lower Leage Football’, Madou Building, Brussels, 2006 ‘European Fields: Calciatori della domenica’, Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Milan, 2004 ‘Go West Young Man’, Colette, Paris, 2004 ‘Dutch Fields – Keepers’, Centro Portugues de Fotografia, Porto, 2001 ‘Dutch Fields/Flemish Fields’, Centre Ceramique, Maastricht, 1998 ‘Dutch Fields’, NFi, Rotterdam.

Assignments: Adidas, Belastingdienst, BEN, Gemeente Amsterdam, Het Parool, Holland Festival, I-AMsterdam, KesselsKramer, National Museum for Photography, NRC M magazine, Pieter van Huystee Film, Volkskrant Magazine.

Website: www.hansvandermeer.nl

In contrast to the standard conceptions of journalistic photography, which is restricted to capturing highlights, Hans van der Meer focuses on the non-spectacular and accidental. His choice of a distanced perspective binds elements with their surroundings. In many series which are composed of valid individual images, Hans tells of popular recreational preoccupations and their social context in ironic but affectionate photographs. Humor in photography is a difficult subject and many have failed at it. But Van der Meer manages to make us chuckle – in some cases at scenes which are quite grotesque (Thomas Weski, Click Doubleclick: The Documentary Factor, 2006)


Dutch Fields…