Clinton Friedman

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Born in 1977 in South Africa.
education:fine art degree (print making and sculpture major)
Photographer / designer, Clinton Friedman is a passionate and humble individual, who’s connection to nature runs deep. He is closely attuned to the delicacy and complexity found in our natural world. Clinton honours his environment and heritage by capturing his uniquely personal perceptions on camera, the result is intoxicating to anyone privileged to enter Clinton’s world.

Clinton is the creative director behind the clintonfriedman brand. He prides his business on being dynamic, unconventional and visionary. That is clearly evident in all that he does. Clinton’s work is always subtle, sincere and touching. Whatever he does, he thinks about it, feels it passionately, then does it beautifully.

The images and designs clintonfriedman creates may be photographic or pure design. Commercial or fine art. Whichever the case, they will show you something in a way you don’t normally see or expect it.