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A lady from Poland (marta orlowska) saw her photos at my gallery and complained about it to the administrator of the site. As a result I got reprimanded. All my efforts to get in touch with her have failed. She might be having difficulties in love or the problem may lie in her character.  I’d like you to know that I created the gallery for two reasons: love for art and as a protest against the total commercialization of art. Nowadays more and more people are engaged in art for the sake of making money. There are a lot of photographers who stopped being photographers and have become small tradesmen. I have nothing against trade relations between people. I’d like to say that trade is one of the instruments of communication between people of different cultures. People of such cultures have nothing in common and trade is the first bridge between them. People who are close to each other don’t trade. Consequently, the total commercialization of art is the ideological sabotage whose aim is to separate people.

While a zone of freedom of the Internet is being limited we can still afford to see the world with the help of  photographers. As far as the world we live in is big, its sights must not be considered somebody’s property. I made the gallery for the people to be able to enjoy the sights of this beautiful world without any control and share them.

If it seems to you that my site is not the right place for your photos, please tell me about it and I’ll comply with your  request . The same concerns the collection of the photos of the authors and their biographies.


Дама ответила. Хоть и не совсем по существу. Благодарность ее мы принимаем, так как уделили ей максимум внимания. Нужно заметить, что фотограф она посредственный, но поляки очень дружный народ. Один у них недостаток – женщины. Но они привыкли наверное, даже не замечают. Скоро и мы начнем привыкать. Искренний привет всей мужской части польского населения!

Hi I want to report that the website, registered with  posted my images without my permission. I tried to contact them few times and they didn't remove my artwork!
Can you please do something about it? Can you make them remove my photos?

ps this is the link to my artwork on their website

thank you RegardsMarta Orlowska