Jürgen Vogt*

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Born in Berlin, Germany, Jürgen Vogt is a Canadian photographer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vogt was raised in Toronto and lived for several years in Montreal, after he and his family emigrated from Berlin. Jürgen’s personal work is of an ever evolving style, rooted in documentary and reportage genres. His images explore a fascination with history, the environment, architecture and politics. In 1981 he travelled to Warsaw, Poland to photograph the Solidarity Union demonstrations during an intense period of their activity. In 1986 Vogt completed extensive work for the book, “The Expo Celebration” and again in 1988, for “Share The Flame”, where he covered the Winter Olympic opening ceremonies in Calgary. Vogt has made annual trips to Havana, Cuba since 2004, to document the city, its people, and the unique qualities that make Havana such an interesting mosaic. In April of 2011, an exhibition of Vogt’s portraits of Cubans and Canadians, titled “The Portrait Project” opened at UNEAC, (The National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba).