Bjorn Keller

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Swedish photographer Bjorn Keller is the Dean of the CameraLink agency. One of the big names in classic Swedish photography, Bjorn photographs still-lives full of the experience of a lifetime. Far from the world of high-pitch visual voices and grandiose gestures, his photography can be seen as life distilled. He refines his images down to the barest essentials, capturing the beauty and grace of utter simplicity. In many of his best images, his dry, sometimes almost sardonic sense of humour becomes evident, giving the pictures yet another dimension. He is also a nature photographer of rank, drawing the essence of beauty out of his landscapes and still-lives. In his work for major advertising clients the likes of SAAB, The Wall Street Journal,Volvo,Henrik Nygren Design and Saturday London, Bjorn utilizes his singular and highly powerful -if subdued -visual expression and creative temperament for maximum commercial impact, while maintaining his own distinctive elegance and sophistication.