Weird and wonderful photos, the … Totally Cool Pix

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Photos year results do not necessarily have to be scary and serious. They can be funny, cute and very strange.
Each year, photo stock, photosites, news agencies, publishing houses and other up and announce the best shots for the year. Historically, that almost all such “photo of the year” is a compilation of the horrors of natural disasters, wars, hunger and other suffering. This is understandable – such images cause the viewer the greatest number of high emotional intensity. But look at it hard, frustrating and very sad. Good pictures happen unless at National Geographic and similar publications.
It turns out that it is not necessary, the image must be either about nature or about the nightmares. Site Totally Cool Pix collected the most weird and wonderful pictures of 2011 – no corpse, no suffering. Well, except that there crept into a couple of eruptions, a little lightning, a fun-looking rally dispersal and rabbit future hawk victim.