Yuichiro Miyano

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Yuichiro Miyano (1974) lives and works in Tokio, Japan.
I truly believe that I can capture the atmosphere of the surroundings by taking photographs with Film. This is one of the reasons why I became attracted to film cameras.
It might be just the dynamic range in comparison with digital.
Photographs taken by film cameras delicately show rich gradation, life-like texture, and authentic warmth which can hardly be produced by digital cameras.
My recent theme is to capture the Air…the atmosphere which exists among the person and the scenery. It’s because I believe that, in a broad sense, the people consists in-among every single details of the landscape like aether, and I would like to express this aether through photography. The most effective way to convey “the existing air” (or atmosphere) is the combination of medium-format camera and film. This is my style at this point in time.