Milo Montelli

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Milo Montelli was born in 1982. He’s a psychologist and he started casually to take pictures in 2001. After a short experimental period with digital cameras, from 2004 he uses only analog cameras (most of all medium format).
He loves to spend time in his darkroom developing and printing his pictures.

His photographic work moves in difference directions, trying to get involved with environment, exploring interactions between human presence vs. absence and feelings.
He’s inspired from great masters like Luigi Ghirri, William Egglestone and Stephen Shore

These pictures are part of a project called “Not Only Summer”;
I think that these words can better explain the mood of my work:

“After all, every time we visit places we bring along with us this load of what has already been experienced and seen, but the effort we are called upon to make every day is that of finding a way of looking that forgets and erases habit; not so much seeing with new eyes, as something due to the need to orientate oneself anew in space and time”

Series:Not Only Summer…